Webinar: Finding the Best SWD Sites to Buy, Build, or Service

Finding the Best SWD Sites to Buy, Build, or Service

This webinar will show you the 4 Keys to Finding the Best SWD Sites for Development, Acquisition or Servicing.

With tight capital budgets but still an ever-growing need for disposal capacity, optimal disposal well design, placement and servicing to maximize ROI and minimize OpEx has become more urgent than ever.

In this webinar, Casee Lemons, Director of Geoscience, will show you:

  • Why optimal SWD sites and designs are difficult to determine, and how to use new subsurface models to find the highest performing zones with the lowest cost and risk.
  • Why traditional methods for assessing capacity, performance and value of existing SWDs often produce poor results, and how to make better mission-critical investment decisions.
  • How to identify SWDs that are strong candidates for low-cost, high-return services such as cleanout or recompletion.
  • How to see the earliest indicators of where new production and new disposal capacity is going, in order to secure the most valuable SWD sites and avoid costly mistakes in oversupplied areas.